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If you read this, you may have already heard about Kringle and Country Candle. Are you intrigued? Do you want to know our story??

We are glad that you ask! The Kittridge family has been active in the scented candle industry for over 40 years. Michael Kittridge II as the founder of the Yankee Candle brand has changed the modern world of gifts and souvenirs. Michael (Mick) Kittridge III, the founder of the Kringle Candle Company, designed a new, beautifully fragrant, white Kringle Candle candle - perfect for any lifestyle or interior design

Although Mick was young when his father sold Yankee Candle, his childhood was filled with the acquisition of experience and the study of waxes and fragrances under the watchful eye of Master Michael Kittridge II. The heritage of the Kittridge family has resulted in Mick's inspection to create the highest class products with authentic and natural fragrances, in which attention to detail and quality is the priority of the company..

Kingle Candle is a leading manufacturer of fragrant white candles.

In 2017 we launched a new brand Country Candle offering customers candles with strongly intense fragrances resulting from Kittridge family recipes. The collection is available in the classic jar style - a natural choice - because Mick's dad created his favorite candles in this style.. 

The heritage of the Kittridge family, experience and innovation allow us to create products of the highest quality, authentic and natural fragrances that meet the expectations of their customers, bring them joy and happiness. .

The Kringle Candle and Country Candle collections offer:

    Top quality fragrances 
    Unique, authentic and natural
    100% produced in USA
    Jars for repeated use and recycling
    Commitment to quality, modern trends and design
    Competitive prices adequate to quality
    The best scented candles that your customers can buy

Do you want to offer Kringle Candle products in your store?

We are ready to work with you to provide products that will love your customers.
Ask us about:

    Price conditions
    Best-selling fragrances every day
    Best-selling fragrances for the holiday season
    Limited collections
    Product types, humidity and formats
    Accessories for scented candles and waxes
    Transport costs
    Minimum values ​​of orders
    Value-added programs
    Effective support for partnership and cooperation

Company employees Lasecki i Spółka Sp. z o.o. the official and only distributor of Kringle Candle and Country Candle products are here to provide you with excellent, world-class customer service. We strive to effectively meet the expectations of our clients in every aspect of services or cooperation. Our goal is to make sure that the benefits for you and your customers are as great as possible.

We will be pleased to cooperate with you, write to us today!

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